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Artificial Intelligence Outsmarted Humans in 2017

Artificial Intelligence Outsmarted Humans in 2017

The year 2017 saw artificial intelligence bringing the stuff of science fiction closer to reality by not only gaining a foothold in all spheres of life but also getting the better of humans in many fields.

From acquiring citizenship to outsmarting humans at complex games, from composing music to writing novels, from assisting doctors to helping fight judicial cases, artificial intelligence (AI) made its presence felt throughout the year.

Artificial intelligence is a term used to describe systems or machines that mimic the cognitive functions of human minds, such as learning and problem-solving.

Artificial Intelligence Matargashty

Although by no means a new concept, the technology made headlines throughout the year.

Perhaps, among the most talked about AI machines this year was Sophia, a humanoid robot designed by a company in Hong Kong, that was granted citizenship in Saudi Arabia – a country where women were not allowed to drive until recently.

The move drew widespread criticism from women, who were distraught to see an AI machine being granted more rights than them.

An AI system called Libratus beat four human players in a Texas Hold ’em Poker marathon match lasting 20 days, winning more than USD 1.5 millions worth of chips.

Meanwhile, Google’s AI system ‘DeepMind AlphaGo’ defeated the world’s top player of the ancient Chinese board game of Go – considered to be more challenging for computers than chess.

Getting AI machines to beat humans in complex games is just a part of developing systems that can have applications in medicine, as well as industries that require analysing large amount of data to make decisions.

Already, machine learning systems and robots are helping doctors diagnose diseases and predict lifespans.

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