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Google is celebrating the holiday spirit with a doodle

Google is celebrating the holiday spirit with a doodle; features penguins and other birds

Google has added a new doodle to celebrate the holiday season for the year 2017. The doodle features penguins along with other birds reuniting for the holiday season.

Image: Google

Google has labelled this doodle as the Day 2 of the ‘Holidays 2017’ and it posted the Day 1 of Holidays on 18 December 2017. As detailed in the post informing about the doodle the company will post more days as part of the ‘Holidays 2017’ series tracing the journey of the journey of the “feather family”.

The doodle details that the “colourfully feathered family” is eagerly waiting to “sink their beaks into a delicious feast” signifying the Christmas feast to celebrate the holiday spirit of togetherness. The company has posted the Doodle to cover almost the entire world expect Russia, former countries from the USSR and part of the middle east.

Image: Google

This comes just a day after the company posted a Google Doodle to celebrate the 93rd birth anniversary of the legendary playback singer Mohammad Rafi.

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