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Sarahah the disruptive anonymous messaging app

Sarahah the disruptive anonymous messaging app

Sarahah app was developed by Zain al-Abidib Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia in 2016

Want to send a text to your love interest from college days without giving away your identity? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to tell your boss how much you loathe him or her? Or may be you want to tell somebody how much you admire her/him? Well, there is an app for you that lets you do this anonymously.

Yes, Sarahah app is meant for sending and receiving feedback from others, anonymously. This app was launched a few months ago and has become widely popular now. Sarahah was on top of Apple App Store in over 30 countries in July. Presently, it has millions of users.

So what is this app all about and how it developed?

Sarahah app was developed by Zain al-Abidib Tawfiq from Saudi Arabia in 2016. This app was created with the intention to receive an honest feedback from people around you, but anonymously. Sarahah means ‘honesty’ in Arabic.

The app is available in English as well as Arabic for iOS and Android users. This app can be used through its website and also through its mobile app. The app has also become popular on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram with people linking their Sarahah profiles to snapchat, facebook, Instagram stories.

The Google Play Store description reads “Sarahah helps people self-develop by receiving constructive anonymous feedback.” The Sarahah website reads:

“This app will help enhance your areas of strength, strengthen areas for Improvement at your workplace and with friends, it will help improve your friendship by discovering your strengths and areas for improvement and let your friends be honest with you.”

Where Sarahah’s privacy policy goes, the company says they won’t disclose the identity of the logged-in senders to users, except with their consent.
How does Sarahah work?

Installing and registration

First, you have to download Sarahah app from Google Play Store and set up an account. Put in your username, name, email, and enter a password. This messaging app doesn’t require your mobile number. Once logged in, you can share your Sarahah link on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp to the different social network. Anyone who has the link will be able to send you messages. However, that person has to be a Sarahah user as well.

You can also opt not to appear in search users list of the app and also disallow users to post. These options can be found under settings.

Sending a message

Go to the message box on Sarahah app which prompts the user to ‘leave a constructive message’ followed by a smiling emoji. The user can write the message and then press the send button. It allows only texts and no graphics.

The receiver has an option to either like the message by pressing the heart button and, if they think it is a spam, the user has a choice to block that particular person. But, it does not provide any option to respond to those messages.

Tabs in Sarahah app

All received, sent and favourite messages appear in ‘Messages’ tab. When you receive a message you can favourite it or block the user. The ‘Favorite’ tab shows messages where you have tapped the heart symbol. ‘Sent’ shows all the messages you have been sending on the app.  ‘Search’ tab lets you search for people to send them anonymous messages.  Next up, there’s an ‘Explore’ tab which isn’t live yet.

How to link Sarahah on facebook app:

1. First of all, open your Facebook app and login

2. Go to your profile and click on the edit profile

3. Now click on edit your about info

4. Now click on the contact info edit

5. Then click on the add website

6. Now type on website address bar and click on save button

7. Your Sarahah Profile is successfully linked with Facebook now

How to Link Sarahah on Snapchat:

1. First of All open Snapchat App

2.  Now click the snap on Snapchat

3. Now Click on the Paperclip icon

4. Now Search box tab will open, type in the search box and click on Go/Search button

 5. Now click on the login button

6. Now Login into your Sarahah account

7. Now click on the profile link. Click on attach to snap

8. Now Your Sarahah is linked with snapchat successfully

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